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October 11, 2011

Ron Timonere

Ron Timonere

Regional Director, Business Development


We had two speakers from the Shands/UF  of Jacksonville speak to our club: 

The first was Ron Timonere, director of Business Development for Shands Jacksonville/UF College of Medicine, spoke to us about development of Shands/UF on the north side.  He pointed out that probably this area of Jacksonville is the only area that does not have a hospital. The hospital will be built in three phases. The first is the physician practice building.  The second phase is the support services like imaging and therapy centers. Third phase is a hospital with about 100 beds.  The cost is about $125 million. They will be hiring about 350 new employees.  Shands/UF purchased the 70 acres of property near the River City Mall for $9.5 million. To be granted the rights to build this hospital, Shands/UF must file a CON (Certificate of Need) with the State. Ron explained how the letters from residents and business people in the North Jacksonville area accompany this CON. He wishes to thank all our members for the letters they wrote in Shands/UFís support. The State will make a determination by December 9th of this year. If approved on that date, Shands/UF has eighteen months to break ground. This hospital will be a community private hospital, which means that not only Shands/UF physicians, but other physicians  n the area can practice at this hospital.


Dr. Christopher Scuderi D.O.

Dr Scuderi

Assistant Professor of Community Health and Family Medicine

Medical Director
 University of Florida New Berlin Family Medicine Clinic


The second speaker was Dr. Christopher Scuderi who is the Medical Director and Assistant Professor of Community Health and Family Medicine. Dr. Scuderi has a practice at 3122 New Berlin Road. Dr. Scuderi talked with us about taking care of our body through Diet, exercise, and rest.  Good food is the basis of good health Ė you are what you eat. Suggestions from Dr. Scuderi include buying groceries from the perimeter of the grocery store. These are the fresh items and donít have the additives that are found in canned and frozen foods.  He pointed out that it takes about thirty minutes for your stomach to feel that it is full.  Another good point is if you donít intend to eat it, donít buy it. Most of us will eat that ice cream if we buy it. Exercise as often as you can. Exercising in the mornings sets the pace for the day. Try to find exercise you enjoy. He pointed out that the best exercise has some low impact exercise mixed in with some higher impact exercises. This emulates life and builds better stamina. Dr. Scuderi suggests that we turn of phones, computers and TV and get to exercising. People who live calmer lives with good rest tend to live longer.  Get a good nightís sleep.


Glenn Fowler, First VP
Fowler Accounting Services, Inc.


Dr. Scuderi & Glenn Fowler

Dr Scuderi & Glenn




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